The Tech Kings is an American retail company with a 3 branches in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Our philosophy is that serving our customers is the only reason we are in business.

If we make a few bucks, that is fine, but that is not the main reason why we exist. The Tech Kings team is dedicated to bringing our customers high-quality, cutting-edge technology at the lowest possible prices.

We strive to make your shopping Smooth & Pleasurable experience.

The Tech Kings (Headquaters)
590 Madison Avenue
Manhattan, New York, 10022
United States
(877) 631-4141


9160, Boul. Leduc

Bureau 410, Brossard
Quebec, J4Y 0E3

United Kingdom
259-269 Old Marylebone Road
London, NW1 5RA
+44 20 3734 2500


7 Eden Park Drive
Macquarie Park, North Ryde
Sydney, NSW 2113
+61-2 8073 0533